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SGC eTEC E&C seeks to maintain sustainable growth through the development of new growth engines and markets, and by diversifying its product portfolio.

Thailand Location on map

Thailand Location on map

SGC eTEC(Thailand) Company Limited

SGC eTEC E&C opened its Thai branch, SGC eTEC(Thailand) Company, in Bangkok, Thailand and has since been delivering a wide range of services including design, procurement, construction, and consulting services for the construction of petrochemical plants in Thailand.

As a global engineering partner, SGC eTEC(Thailand) will deliver the most economical and optimal EPC services to its clients based on its technical expertise.

SGC eTEC E&C Limited (Thailand)

SGC eTEC E&C Limited (Thailand)
ADDRESS No.252 Phitsanulok Road, Siyaek Mahanak Sub-district, Dusit District, Bangkok Metropolis, Thailand