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SGC eTEC E&C delivers a wide range of projects worldwide,

ranging from production facilities to power plants,
civil, buildings, and housing complexes.

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이전페이지 Core Values

Core Values

Core Values

  • Respect and Communication

    Communication is the key component of all human relationships.It is through communication that we can overcome our individual shortcomings.
    Regardless of the differences in experiences and titles that may exist among individuals, communication must always be based on respect for one another.
    Individuals become ‘us’ sharing a common goal only when communication is based on respect for others’ experience, and a mind that is open to empathy.
  • Passion and Responsibility

    We try to create the best outcomes based on the tasks given to us.
    We seek excellence beyond the ordinary by making full use of our knowledge, technology and experience. We encourage novel innovations, and do not become discouraged by failure or intoxicated by success.
  • Trust

    The process of “communication based on respect” and “passion with responsibility” forms trust among the members. Physical, psychological and experiential values that are created based on trust enrich our lives.Through this, we share joy and happiness with one another.