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SGC eTEC E&C delivers a wide range of projects worldwide,

ranging from production facilities to power plants,
civil, buildings, and housing complexes.

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Environment Management System

SGC eTEC E&C is ISO 14001 certified company and strictly comply with legal requirements and go further to create clean and pleasant worksites.
We give our utmost effort not only to accomplish our goal of ‘Environmental Protection’ and ‘Prevention of Pollution’ but also monitor and measure from the collected data for continual improvement.

Environment Policy

We, SGC eTEC E&C Limited, clearly state Environment Management is Highest Value in all business activities.
We endeavors to achieve the ultimate goal of a Environmentally friendly Green Company,
We will:

  • 1. Set the optimal Environment Management System to establish an advanced Environmental culture
  • 2. Realize a Green Company through improved implementation
  • 3. Create a comfortable and pleasant workplace with eco-friendly & clean construction
  • 4. Eliminate or minimize the risks and maintain a safe workplace by identifying the environmental impacts through risk assessment
  • 5. Comply with currently applicable international and local legal requirements and reflect the consideration of all interested parties
  • 6. Ensure the availability & full support of human resources, specialized skills and financial resources.
  • 7. Identify the training needs and providing appropriate & adequate training system to induce active and proactive performance

This policy shall be shared, communicated and expanded participation for all interested parties. We are committed to do our best for continual improvement & development